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As a pop up guest, you are responsible for inviting guests and promoting your pop up shop via social media and other platforms. Please be sure to post about your pop up and encourage guests to attend. Do not solely rely on the traffic from The Spice Suite. We do not promote guest pop ups on our page, only SpiceGirls. 



Dates and times are not chosen. We assign dates and times to guests. 



  • Square or other reader/card swipe for card transactions.

  • Cash box with cash for monetary transactions; we do not give change.

  • Bags for your customer purchases. 

  • Vendors who sell clothing should bring 1 rack to display clothing. If you only require a table and don’t have a rack, let us know so that we have a table for you.




We welcome your friends and family to shop with you, however please be mindful of our shared space. Please do not bring children to hang with you during your pop up.  Please DO NOT allow your guests to sit and linger in the space. It’s your responsibility to ask them to leave after making purchases to respect the space and other vendors. 


Be mindful that the space will be accommodating other pop up shops simultaneously. Please do not bring products that can’t fit on the 4ft. x 2.5ft. table that we provide. Do not bring a table. Clothing vendors must indicate whether they need either our provided table or will bring in (1) of your own racks. You will not be allowed to have both. Mannequins are not allowed. 




Any professional photography or videography needs to be approved at least 2 weeks prior to your pop up




You will risk having your pop up cancelled if you bring in new items that are not on your social media page at the time your pop up is scheduled. EXAMPLE: If you make skincare and decide to add candles, you will only be allowed to sell the skincare products unless you receive written consent via email to bring in additional items. 



Food and drink are not allowed in the space. Please do not bring wine, champagne, snacks, etc. for you or your pop up guests. 



We do not have a public restroom. The pop up guests are of course allowed to use the restroom. Your guests and customers will not. 




Your Instagram page must be setup for business and clearly and accurately display the products you wish to sell at your pop up. If your page looks like a personal page or doesn’t show products, you will not be granted a pop up opportunity. 



There are no fees. No fine print. 



You come in, bring your products, set them up and we share the space. If this is agreeable, follow the next steps. Once your Pop Up date is confirmed, you'll receive a calendar invite with instructions and your date is secured and added to our calendar which is available for view on our website. 

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